Artist Statement

I love working in the genre of studio furniture. I am fortunate to have built a successful career as a self-employed artist, educator, and mentor. When I first started building, I saw the potential for studio furniture to be expressive – informed by ideas. Devotion to this potential has brought me recognition as an innovator in my work and as an activist in promoting the field.

A landscape architect by training and a naturalist at heart, I have used organic forms in my work for many years.  I am enthralled with their clarity.  In recent years, I find that my interest in furniture with a form language based on nature has changed. While I am still engaged by those forms, I am now more intrigued with the essence of that beauty than with its outward appearance.  How does one connect to the vigor that impels a species upon its singular path?  How to explore it and express it in objects of contemplation?  My current explorations are framed by the concept of functionality; a defining concept for studio furniture. While studio furniture exists on the fringe of material culture, it continues to respond to the gravitational pull of traditional market demands, notably the demand for furniture to serve a broad range of functions, to be multifunctional.  There surely is a link here to a paradoxical attraction to multitasking; a concept that continually disrupts my sense of balance between quality and quantity. The natural world is driven by the precision of nature’s singular function: to procreate and advantage the species. The beauty we experience with our senses – the taste, the scent, the color – is nature’s expression of its intent to serve that singular function.

My response to the beauty and completeness that I experience in nature’s singular functionality is to develop a working process that integrates the experience without prescribing it, that results in a sense of completeness where the sensual and the spiritual converge. I want my process of making furniture to offer me the same sense of wonder and fullness that I feel when in dialog with nature.